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One year later -- back -- with the promise made a year ago! 27.09.2009
I have arrived --- almost! 21.04.2008
Frozen dew drops 07.04.2008
Creation's creatures great and small 02.04.2008
stones, tears -- and Neruda 01.04.2008
A sweet note from a fellow pilgrim.... 01.04.2008
Ponderings on the way 01.04.2008
A quick update in a pistachio nutshell 01.04.2008
A note from Sacha 01.04.2008
And in case anyone wonders what made me keep on walking..... 30.03.2008
Disaster strikes in Belorado 30.03.2008
Ten days done! 30.03.2008
And a note to my 2 fellow pilgrims 30.03.2008
Day nine and still going.... 30.03.2008
A short note to home 30.03.2008
a few days on.... 30.03.2008
Hola! from Cezur Menor 30.03.2008
A Camino thought 30.03.2008
FedEx : Time to Name and Shame 07.02.2008
A few sights waiting for me next week.... 04.02.2008
An idea of the road that I will be walking next week! 04.02.2008
On being prepared : The devil is in the detail 27.01.2008
Starting to count the sleeps ..... 26.01.2008
A glimpse of what to expect? 22.01.2008
The Shell of the Camino Pilgrim 20.01.2008
A little madness? - but all for a good cause! 20.01.2008